If you’re running Website Conversions campaigns then you’re likely seasoning Facebook pixels without even knowing it.
Learn what it means and how to use it to your advantage, and you’ll benefit by paying less for leads and increasing how scalable your campaigns are.

Seasoning Facebook pixels explained:


For starters, Facebook is always running optimizations in the background.

  • When you run a Clicks to Website campaign, users who often click links are favored.
  • For Post Engagement campaigns, users who often like/comment/share are favored.
  • For Video Views campaigns, users who often watch videos in their news feed are favored.

You get the idea…

So what happens when you choose Website Conversions? It’s not like Facebook knows which users will download your ebook.

Your pixel tells them who to target.

Facebook is tracking users on your site, and you’re defining which URL is seen when a specific conversion occurs– likely a thank you or confirmation page.

Much like a lookalike audience, Facebook is able to measure the similarities between the people firing your conversion, and then serves your ads to similar users.

Seasoning Facebook pixels involves getting people to fire your conversion to let Facebook better know who to target.

You see, one common issue is that there isn’t much data to work with until upwards of 100 people have converted. In fact, Facebook states that you need around 25 conversions per week to see ANY optimization on a Website Conversions campaign.

Many advertisers start with a Clicks to Website campaign, and then switch to a Website Conversions campaign when the pixel has gathered enough data.

This at least takes advantage of some Facebook optimizations instead of stepping straight into the wild wild west with a nerf gun.

The more data your pixel gets, the better it knows how to select people.

That means you can scale better because you’re able to rely on Facebook to choose the right people out of broader audiences.

To learn more, I’d suggest listening to Nicholas Kusmich on the Bacon Wrapped Business Podcast. Tune directly to 00:42:16 to get right into the meat of his reverse funneling strategy.

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