Pushing Through the Nothingness

It’s been two weeks now since I’ve started my weekly webinar series, the newest wing of my business.


For those of you who don’t know what a webinar is, it’s just a live video broadcast where people watch and type in comments. You can show yourself, your screen, or a blend of the two. For me it’s the blend– some of me to help personalize the experience, and my screen to deliver the over-my-shoulder training.

alex broderick-forster

What I didn’t foresee is how strange it’d feel promoting myself, when I’ve now promoted so many others with similar goals. I’m standing up there alone on a platform feeling vulnerable, hoping my efforts will pan out.


And what does it look like for things to pan out? Well, in my head success looks like a crowded audience asking so many engaging questions that I need to stay on afterwards just to get through them all.


When that’s not how it goes, it’s tough to not feel like a failure and step back to take an outsider’s perspective. If I were talking to a client in the same situation, I’d tell them to keep pushing through, and that the most important part is showing up consistently. Once you do that, the audience will follow, which is the goal for all of us.


So here I am pushing through despite how nerve-wracking it is being on camera for 30 minutes. Pulling strings in the background and running ads for clients is far easier, but I want this business to progress and more often than not, the toughest thing that you fear most is what you need to do (right??)


If you want to start the wave of engaged audience members, then here’s the link: http://earnenough.com/freetraining/


Until next time,

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