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Recently featuredĀ as one of “6 Masters of the Remote-Working Universe” by Inc. Magazine.


Just finished up my launch and spent under $200 on ads and had 38 sales from those ads. $197 product. I'll let you do the math but the jist- SUCCESS! You'll be first on my mind when I want to hire for more strategic help with my next plans.

Leah Kalamakis, Founder of Freelance to Freedom (freelancetofreedomproject.com)

He built the social media standards for the company that we now continue to work off of, and continues to make a significant impact to our lead capture and list growth efforts.

Andrea Nakayama, Founder of Replenish PDX (replenishpdx.com) & Holistic Nutrition Lab (holisticnutritionlab.com)

Not only did over half the sign ups from my course come directly from Alex's ads, but I saw such a huge surge in visibility that's still coming at me even now after the course has ended! I made over $11,000 in this launch and I know it was largely from the ads, so my initial investment of $1,700 was totally worth it!

Licia Morelli, Clairvoyant Psychic & Psychic Coach (liciamorelli.com)

Alex is my go-to Facebook Ads expert. Not only does he keep up on all the incredibly confusing and ever-shifting Facebook guidelines and requirements; he is fun to work with and great and describing it all in terms that the average person can comprehend.

Anna Long, Founder of Electric Empire (electric-empire.com)

Thanks to Alex's Facebook ads, my visibility and audience has broadened, I have gotten more views and subscribers and I'm now branded with my YouTube interview series which is great when people mention it.

Gina Gomez, Business Coach & Host of Five-in-Five (ginagomez.com)


Let me teach you how I’ve built this business on low overhead and big dreams.

Step-by-Step Facebook Ad Prep Work

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