Your launch is fast approaching, and there are two big questions on your mind.
  How do I promote beyond my existing audience?
  How do I make the most sales possible by the time the cart closes?
The goal of this blog post is to convince you that Facebook ads are perfect for answering both of these questions, and to show you exactly how you can use them for your launch.

How do I promote beyond my existing audience?

Most launches consist of two primary promotion periods, the preview event and the open cart.
The preview event is your list builder, your webinar, your email mini-series.
It’s there to both capture email addresses from potential buyers and deliver value to them so they’re warmed up when you open your cart.
It’s also where the scale of your launch success is determined, because you can only convert a percentage of the people who enter your funnel at the beginning, so it’s crucial to reach as many potential customers as possible.
Facebook ads are your bread and butter here, and content is your butterknife. 
When people are browsing Facebook, they’re engaging with content from their friends and preferred media sources.
In order to sneak into their newsfeed with a sponsored story, it’s best to lead with content. Not just any content, either, you need to create blog posts that are attractive to cold audiences, and that are also directly relevant to your preview event.
Here’s the one I ran:
content upgrade blog post facebook ad
Then in your blog post you sneak in a couple mentions of your super relevant preview event, and even an opt-in right there in the midst of content.
The logic is “So you’re interested in solving xyz, well then you’ll definitely be interested in my preview event!”
This technique is called the Content Upgrade, and it kills on Facebook.
An example from my own blog is this post called Don’t even spend $1 on Facebook Ads until you do these 3 things, where I offer The Kickass Guide to Facebook Ads in exchange for an email address.
Here’s what it looks like:
The blog post appeals to an audience that’s interested in getting started with Facebook ads, or who have tried them but didn’t get the results they were hoping for.
The guide is then perfectly positioned as an expansion on what they’re learning in the blog post.
What if people don’t opt-in right then and there, have I lost my chance? Nope!
With Facebook ads, your content upgrade is even more powerful.
You can use a Custom Audience Pixel to retarget everyone who’s visited your blog post with an ad that takes them directly to the landing page for your preview event.
You’d rather send people directly to your Preview Event?
That works, too.
While content performs better in most cases, ads driving people directly to your landing page can also be really effective.
Here’s a bonus tip: If you’re doing a webinar, try retargeting everyone who registered with a reminder ad the day before and day of.

How do I make the most sales possible by the time the cart closes?

You’ve put a lot of effort into your launch plans because, honestly, closing the deal takes work.
Hopefully your preview event delivered enough free value to convince some of your leads to purchase.
Some people will always need more convincing, and the tools available are marketing triggers (i.e. discounts, time sensitive offers, bonus content) and content.
Once you’re past the preview event, it’s typically all about your warm audiences. You need to keep communicating with them and address any objections they have to purchasing.
Most people rely on email for this, and I think you should, however…
Facebook ads complement these efforts perfectly.
When you’re sending content aimed at convincing people to purchase, try running Facebook ads for each post.
Not everyone opens their email, and it doesn’t mean they won’t buy.
Look familiar?
mailing list
More importantly, we all exist in little bubbles of existence, and your audience should feel like your launch is the most important thing happening in their bubble right now.
When you roll out your time sensitive offer, everyone knows about it.
When you release your vulnerable, heart felt blog post about how important this program is, everyone is engaging with it.
Then when you announce that the cart is finally closing, you run a final Facebook ad and everyone who’s still on the fence has to contemplate purchasing one last time.
Cart close… Mic dropped… Good luck everyone.

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