Should I drive Facebook ad traffic to a sales page or a free gift?

Succeeding with Facebook advertising is a two-sided refinement process. There’s the Facebook ad itself (creative, targeting, budgeting), and then there’s the experience they have when they click through to your website (landing page, opt-in bait, content).

Before we jump into this, here’s what you need to remember about the relationship between your ad and your landing page.

Keep the promise you make to your lead

While this post isn’t about the Facebook ad side of the refinement process, there’s one part we can’t overlook, and that’s the delivery of your promise. This is vitally important. Any incentive you use to get people to click through to your site– be it content, a free gift, or a discount, MUST be clearly delivered upon when that person reached your site, and it needs to be prominent. If they click through, consider yourself freakin’ lucky and give them exactly what they came for and more.

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The “and more” is where you can get an email address or entice them into looking at your products. If you create an ad offering a free report and they click through, give them that report in exchange for an email address OR give it to them for free, and then offer even more content for an email address. Since they came from an ad, you know what they’re interested in so it’s fair to assume they’d be into even more content from you.

If you’re sending directly to a sales page you still need to keep your promise. It’s no different. Don’t use scammer click bait or crazy sounding offers and expect quality traffic.

Which traffic to send to a sales page and which to send to a freebie

There’s cold Facebook traffic and then there’s your existing fan base. Lead nurturing tends to be best for cold traffic, but depending on your offer and your targeting, you can get away with sending new leads directly to a sales page.

In fact, the best campaign I’ve ever run sent recent online nutrition school graduates to the sales page for a more comprehensive, follow-up online program. If you match your targeting with your offer, it can be magical.

Here are my recommendations for different types of traffic:

Targeting cold traffic: When you’re targeting cold traffic that doesn’t know anything about you, it’s best to nurture your leads. Invite them to join you for a free webinar or give them some free content. Don’t ask much more from them than their email address and make it an exchange that favors them.

Again, if you’re targeting a really receptive audience with an offer that resonates, you can drive traffic directly to a sales page.

Targeting existing fans or mailing list: If you’re targeting your existing fans or you’ve uploaded your mailing list, then you can definitely send them straight to a sales page. They’ve given you their email to communicate with them and are likely familiar with you and your offerings.

upload mailing list to facebook

Targeting past website visitors: If you’re using Website Custom Audiences to retarget your website visitors (which could be previously cold traffic that was driven to your page using Facebook ads), then you can send them to a sales page or a lead nurturing sequence. If you’re not using it, you should be. Here’s my retargeting course that will have you up and running in 60 minutes.

The reason why it makes sense to do this with retargeted traffic is because they’ve already visited your website, and you can choose specifically the people that have shown interest in your offerings.

How do they show interest? They visit a key page on your site, like your checkout page or work with me page and don’t convert.

How do you target them specifically? There are incredibly powerful rules within Website Custom Audiences that let you do it. Plus it’s easy to setup and cheap to use.

sanuk retargeting adFor instance, Sanuk used this technology to show me this shoe that I was just looking at. When I clicked through, it took me right back to the sales page, where I proceeded to play around with colors options.


If you’d like to learn how to setup and use retargeting, check out my Udemy course: Facebook Retargeting Pro. You’ll be up and running in 60 minutes.

The best Facebook ad architecture you could possibly implement

1. Target your existing fans AND your email list and send them to your sales page.
2. Target cold traffic and send them to a freebie to nurture the lead.
3. Setup retargeting ads that are displayed to people who HAVE landed on your sales page but HAVE NOT converted and offer them something if they opt-in or purchase. Also set up retargeting for each other step in your sales funnel. Here’s a great guide on how to do this.


how to see why you were targeted with a facebook adClick ads you see on Facebook. Carefully look at the offer they make to you– is it a free offer, a discount, or a new service you might be interested in? What page do you land on when you click– does it match the offer? Do they try to collect your email address for something?

Bonus: Do they retarget you afterwards?

Also, check out how you saw the ad in the first place. Facebook will tell you if you click the little drop-down menu on the ad and click “Why am I seeing this?”

You can install the Facebook Pixel Helper to tell you when a website has Facebook conversion pixels or custom audience pixels installed.

Step-by-Step Facebook Ad Prep Work

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