Every post about Atlas and Facebook is the same

Facebook just announced its plans with Atlas at Advertising Week 2014 in an event titled Where the Cookie Crumbles: Solving the Cross-Device Problem, and so far all the information surfacing on the internet has been basic to say the most.

The problem

Cookies just flat out don’t work on mobile devices, and that mobile devices are increasingly the preferred devices used by consumers to access the internet. This means that you can’t track mobile like you can desktop, and that you lose track of customers in your sales funnel once your engagement with them goes cross-platform to mobile. You’re missing a piece to the puzzle of understanding what led to a conversion.

The solution

People-based marketing is the term that keeps being used, which essentially means enhanced tracking of individuals across the internet by using a “special device identifier” issued by the Facebook app (which must be open) on your mobile device.

…and that means what?

This is about as deep as any of the reports go. They’re basically saying Facebook + Atlas = Cross-platform advertising dream-come-true. In order to get to the bottom of this, I’m diving in. I signed up for Atlas’s services and will report back when I’ve tested it out. Forget these blanket articles, we’re getting real.

Read more about Atlas and Facebook on CNet (they provide the most detail)

Also, if you want to join the discussion get on over to the Facebook group I’ve started for Facebook advertising.

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