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Recently featuredĀ as one of “6 Masters of the Remote-Working Universe” by Inc. Magazine.


Just finished up my launch and spent under $200 on ads and had 38 sales from those ads. $197 product. I'll let you do the math but the jist- SUCCESS! You'll be first on my mind when I want to hire for more strategic help with my next plans.

Leah Kalamakis, Founder of Freelance to Freedom (

He built the social media standards for the company that we now continue to work off of, and continues to make a significant impact to our lead capture and list growth efforts.

Andrea Nakayama, Founder of Replenish PDX ( & Holistic Nutrition Lab (

Not only did over half the sign ups from my course come directly from Alex's ads, but I saw such a huge surge in visibility that's still coming at me even now after the course has ended! I made over $11,000 in this launch and I know it was largely from the ads, so my initial investment of $1,700 was totally worth it!

Licia Morelli, Clairvoyant Psychic & Psychic Coach (

Alex is my go-to Facebook Ads expert. Not only does he keep up on all the incredibly confusing and ever-shifting Facebook guidelines and requirements; he is fun to work with and great and describing it all in terms that the average person can comprehend.

Anna Long, Founder of Electric Empire (

Thanks to Alex's Facebook ads, my visibility and audience has broadened, I have gotten more views and subscribers and I'm now branded with my YouTube interview series which is great when people mention it.

Gina Gomez, Business Coach & Host of Five-in-Five (

Step-by-Step Facebook Ad Prep Work

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